As the technology is increasing exponentially, there is rapid adoption of Technologies like social media platforms, analytics, mobile Technology, embedded devices in every small to large business sectors from Pharmaceutical, electronics, e-commerce, healthcare, retail, hotels, automation, and manufacturing industries. 

Digital Transformation 

Digital transformation is about changing the traditional business model with effective strategies and business operations which can make more close relations with customers to know their behavior. And leverage the data from various departments of an organization, in order to make a successful data-driven decision-making system. There is a need to track customer behavior, about their searching and clicking activities, and their product choices. Thus can gain trust and tighten the customer relation and make them engaged with the services by providing recommendations about specific products. It helps to maintain the good interaction between the various business operations and the consumers via front end process. Thus, the use of a recommendation system, reporting systems, customer behavior tracking, transactional tracking system, real-time data visualization systems is needed to run in the back end as a continuous process. As they are the necessary keys to make your traditional business to grow and gain real profits.

Every expert says,

 Data is the fuel for digital transformation.

So, just make the best business strategies using AI/ML integrations in the systems, which triggers digital transformation to achieve large revenues.

The hype and awareness regarding AI/ML tools and technologies enforced the excitement among various types of small and large scale industries. About, how the today’s investments in digital transformation by any business sector would return into large revenue gains. But, there is also fear among the employees that what if all the jobs have taken place by the automation software/systems. There’s a solution to every problem, companies may replace the painful toil or repetitive manual tasks with best AI/ML software and can move their workforce to upgrade the skills and should be allowed to focus more on the productive work, idea generations and social engagement with customers to be relevant with the company’s standards.

Teamwork of any company is mostly of a collaborative form. To run the project successfully within a proposed time slot, the team members need to cover every small task and are required to maintain cooperation, while interacting with several other members, each having specific skills. Sometimes, differences may occur among the team members within the traditional collaborative work, which ultimately impacts the company’s project and brand value. Here, comes the role of cloud-based AI/ML tools which makes team members work with ease, as these tools provide auto-correction, framing sentences, grammar check, design and format recommendations while writing on an AI-based document, presentation slides, etc.

Thus, it makes the team’s repetitive and primary work to complete with ease, with no overhead and helps to gain customer’s satisfaction along with the effective results.

The Gartner analysts write,

Leaders have a strong presence and significant mind share in the data science and machine-learning market

Current Leaders are, Alteryx,, G Suite, Google Analytics 360 suite, KNIME, Collokia, RapidMiner – An open, collaborative, frictionless, automated machine learning environment. OpenML tasks are machine-readable, allowing tools to automatically get the data and train and evaluate models so that the data science team can focus on the science.

Alteryx – Offers a combined machine-learning platform which enables citizen data scientists to build models in a single workflow. Achieved impressive customer satisfaction, and a product vision focused on helping organizations instill a data and analytics culture without needing to hire expert data scientists. – Offers an open-source machine-learning platform. evaluated H2O Flow, its core component; H2O Steam; H2O Sparkling Water, for Spark integration; and H2O Deep Water, which provides deep-learning capabilities. It continues to have remarkable performance through significant commercial expansion and has strengthened its position as an innovator. 

G Suite – Offers collective cloud-based Google applications like drive, email, sheets, documents, presentation, the hangout for the collaborative workforce. Scheduling meetings and marking events on the calendar which provides notification email to only invited team members at a particular day. Google documents and Google presentation provides collaborative editing and reading effectively also has explored option which recommends topics and images in documents and in presentation it recommends slide’s design and style format. Google hangout which is a multipurpose communication tool which provides Video conferencing. Hangout chats provide smart reply capabilities and AI chatbots using Natural language processing. 

Google Analytics 360 suite – Offers cloud-based web analytics, especially used for making marketing strategies by analyzing huge customer data having multi-features. It is easy to analyze and provide effective data visualization about customer acquisition, retention and their behavior and product choices so to make quick business decisions. 

KNIME – KNIME provides commercial support with extensions to boost collaboration security and performance for companies deployments also provides more attention data quality and expands its deep learning techniques. It shows a deep understanding of the market, a robust product strategy, and strength across all the use cases which made it for continuing as a market leader. 

Collokia – Provides varieties of plugins to use in a company’s workspace and make use of machine learning algorithms to collect employee’s overall information then analyse the employee’s repeated mistakes, employee’s skill experience and accelerate learning by recommending relevant skills and automatically connect people with other colleagues, researchers, solutions and source of knowledge. 

RapidMiner – Rapidminer provides various tools such as Rapidminer studio, Rapidminer server, and Rapidminer RHadoop. Rapidminer Studio is the machine learning model development tool. It made data scientists and data science team’s work very easy by providing a well-rounded platform, delivering fast model developments and its execution by introducing new productivity and performance capabilities.

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